The life of Hans Langseth

Hans Nilsen Langseth was born in Norway to Nils Olsen Langseth and Marthe Gulbrandsen
Overholtet on July 14, 1846, the 4th of 5 children. As did at least three of his brothers, he made
his way to America. He and his wife, Anne (pronounced Annie) settled in Kensett, Iowa, and had
six children, Nels, Carl (who went by Martin), Emma, H. William (called Bill), John (who went
by Oscar), and Peter (called Pete). All were born in the United States.

Anne passed away at the age of 40 years, just six months after their youngest child, Peter was
born. Hans, then moved with his children to Glyndon, Minnesota, and farmed there. Eventually,
he relocated to Barney, North Dakota, where he called home until his death on November 10, 1927.
He was buried there, but his children eventually moved his body to his final resting place next to
Anne's grave in Kensett.

Hans spent much of his life as a farmer, but for a while, he traveled with a circus show, exhibiting
his beard to the public. He tired of that and left it after numerous nonbelievers yanked his whiskers
to see if they were real.

After some deliberation and discussion among family members, we have concluded that the video in
the link below is probably authentic footage of Hans a few years before his death. Apparently, he
had a sense of humor.

Likely Hans Video


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