Hans Langseth     spouse: Anne [Benson] Langseth

      Nels Langseth     spouse: Dollie [Griggs] Langseth

                Esther Langseth

                Helen Langseth

                Clarence Langseth

                Lawrence Langseth

                Arthur Langseth     spouse: Iva Langseth

                        Lynn Langseth     spouse: Delores Langseth

                                        DuWayne Langseth     spouse: Cynthia Langseth

                                                  R. Langseth

                                                  S. Langseth

                                                  T. Langseth

                                        Tammy [Langseth] Diesler    

                                        James Langseth

                Bernice [Langseth] Stedman     spouse: Keith Stedman

      (Carl) Martin Langseth     spouse: Martha [Setter] Langseth

      Emma [Langseth] Esser     spouse: Arnold Esser

      H. William (Bill) Langseth

      (John) Oscar Langseth

      Peter (Pete) Langseth     spouse: Ina [Craig] Langseth

If you are a descendant of Hans Langseth and would like to have your name added, please email me at For relatives who are living, I will want to get individual permission from
each adult before adding their name, for privacy reasons. Using just an initial for minor-age children seems
best. Please include the lineage from Hans to yourself (your parents, grandparents, etc).
                                                              - DuWayne Langseth


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